Episode 13: Paracosms with Emily

OK, so, first off, I came here to have a good time and I’m feeling so attacked by this highly relatable content right now.

Second, an anxiety cannot be loquacious. In the intro, I said anxiety was loquacious, and, like, was ubiquitous the word you were looking for? If you didn’t already say that and can’t remember because, cards on the table, you had a little to drink with dinner and then thought you might try a few puffs of that power dank your one weed friend gave you? Oh shit, did you say all that out loud, or only think you did.

And Rick and Morty references happen now. I’m so sorry.

I actually really like talking with Emily, and I hope my horrible personality didn’t get in the way of communicating that. She’s going to join me starting in January, and we’ll talk about stuff together, and maybe we’ll all become better people when the waking nightmare of 2018 is finally in the past where it belongs with super plague and ultimate Ebola neo.

cuyler mortimore